Wishlist Sunday: 10 things to get you through the week

Wishlist Sunday: 10 things to get you through the week

We are creeping up on six months back in the States, and I’m still struggling to really think of it as home. I’ve set a deadline for having the apartment finished by the end of February as I’ve found that when you move every few years, that having a settled home base as quickly as you can really helps with the adjustment. Especially when you typically are getting rid of all your possessions and really starting over in the process. That said these are a few of the items I added to my pick me up wishlist this week.

10 things to get you through the week

1. Many seem to love the California dream, and consider the weather a pro to living here. It got up to almost 80* this week, and considering the fact that it’s early February- I’m seriously reconsidering my no Scandinavia in winter guideline. This post on a winter getaway in Oslo isn’t helping.

2. I tried a couple new shows this week and finally watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel– why did I wait to so long??!?

3. Several things went missing from our boxes while they were in transit from Germany. One thing was all of our cookbooks. Weird, and aslo a bit sad as it  included my personal recipe book. It had the recipes I had been passed by my mother as well as the ones I had made up myself. Needless to say I’m bummed, but I downloaded this new recipe card print out so I can start again.

4. Despite my crotchetiness over the weather, we have been taking advantage of living so close to the ocean. With all the trips to the beach, I’ve been looking for a second picnic blanket so we can have one in each car. I think this one in dark green is going to be the winner!

5. I know, I know- this is ridiculous considering I just got done bitching about the weather, but Joshua Tree has been on my travel list for years! Until we make it down there this candle is at least a little piece to inspire.

6. I really want to check out a hot springs, and this one keeps coming up as the place to be in this area.

7. I am forever looking for small bowls to put things in, and because you can never have enough I’m hoping she releases more of these soon!

8. Did you ever do the I Spy books when you were a kid? I loved them so how did I not know that this one exsisted??

9. While the hubby and I are trying to finish putting our apartment together there are a few hole in our office art collection which tends to feature pieces from our geeky fandoms and art picked up a comic conventions. I think I might need to fill them with a couple pieces by TJLubrano!

10. To keep myself productive this week, I’ve been listening to audiobooks pretty consistently. One of my top picks for the week is the second in the Raven Cycle series.

What have you been looking at this week?

Love & Light,

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