Wanderlust Fulfilled: Prague- The Bone Church

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Prague- The Bone Church

The last of my Prague posts, although this technically isn’t IN Prague. After our last wander through the town, we drove about an hour to the little town of Kutna Horna to visit the Sedlec Ossuary. The drive through the countryside was pretty, and well worth it.



The Ossuary, or Bone Church as it is called, is situated in a suburb of Kunta Horna, CZ.


In 1278 a monk was sent to the Holy Land by the King, and returned with a small amount of dirt from Golgotha. He sprinkled the dirt over the abbey cemetery. Word of this spread, and the cemetery became a very popular place to be buried in Central Europe.


After the Black Death and Hussite Wars, several thousand people were buried in the cemetery, and the grounds had to be greatly increased.


In about 1400, a chapel was built in the middle of the Watcemetery with a vaulted upper level, and a lower level to be used as an ossuary for the many mass graves that had to be moved during construction and to make room for new burials.


In 1870, a woodcarver was hired to put the bones in order.



It is estimated that the bones of 40,000-70,000 people decorate the chapel.


It was definitely something different than the typical churches that can start to run together when you travel throughout Europe. A side trip well worth it if you’re in Prague.



What do you think of the Bone Church?




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