Wanderlust Fulfilled: Prague’s Jewish Cemetery

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Prague’s Jewish Cemetery

I am finally getting around to the last of my Prague posts. As I mentioned previously, if you’re in Prague for the weekend and would like to see the Jewish Quarter, you’ll need to make time on Friday or Sunday as everything will be closed on Saturday for the Sabbath. Luckily, because we chose to drive from Nürnberg, we had the flexibility to play it by ear. The Jewish Cemetery is Prague was one of my first pins on Pinterest to my Wanderlust board (now moved to Wanderlust Fulfilled), and I just didn’t want to leave without seeing it.


We woke up early on Sunday, and made our way back downtown for a few more hours before heading out, and I’m so glad we did!



  • The Jewish Cemetery is one of the sites in the Jewish Quarter that you can not buy admission to individually. This does make it a little spendy if you’re not interested in seeing the other sites in the package. For us, it was worth it to just see the cemetery, but it’s something to keep in mind.


  • The line can get pretty long if you haven’t pre-purchased tickets. You can book your tickets online in advance, or you can purchase tickets at several stores or ticket booths in the Jewish Quarter.


The old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was established in the 15th century and is home to over 12,000 graves. According to Jewish law, it is illegal for a Jew to destroy Jewish graves. So, as they ran out of space, and purchasing more land was impossible, they would bring in more dirt. This resulted in a cemetery with 12 layers of graves. As the new layers were added, the old tombstones were lifted to the new layer.


There are no spoken guided tours through the cemetery. However there are audio guides available. The relative silence definitely added to the stillness in the atmosphere as you wend your way through the path on the outer edge of the cemetery.


This stop was definitely worth the trip back, and the extra cost.



What do you think? Is the Jewish Cemetery on your list to see?


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