Wanderlust Fulfilled: Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye

Happy Friday!

I have to say, even though I am coming to the end of the posts on our trip to Scotland, that I’m really excited to be getting to our time on the Isle of Skye. Growing up a McLeod- the Isle of Skye, and Dunvegan was a must see while we were in Scotland. I will be showing you the pictures of Dunvegan Castle next week, but just know that it’s coming. 🙂

Our first full day on the Isle of Skye was actually inspired by a Pin I found on Pinterest.


Of course this photo has been enhanced, but honestly it doesn’t really matter because this was just such a beautiful place. And once you make the ridiculous hike- the stones really do make the water look turquoise!


Fairy Pools 1

Fairy Pools 2

Luckily the lovely lady at the front desk of the Hotel Dunvegan was able to look up exactly what we were talking about and print us out a helpful map, as well as make other suggestions for the area I’ll be sharing with you soon! I will recommend if this is a stop you decide to make- be prepared. Hiking shoes or tennis shoes are highly recommended! Also- walking on the plants to get a better view of the water is probably a bad idea. The plants look fluffy and safe, but they are hiding bogs of water just waiting for you to slip and fall on your butt, and get your jeans all muddy- not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything… Also while the water does look cool at the bottom of the hills in the prairie area, what you’re really looking for is up the hill (small mountain)- thus the hiking/tennis shoes. Even with people staring at the clutzy girl covered in mud, it was still an awesome experience, and definitely a place I would recommend if you are venturing on the Isle of Skye!

Have you ever been to the Fairy Pools? Is this on your bucketlist?


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