Wanderlust Fulfilled: Fairy Glen- Isle of Skye

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Fairy Glen- Isle of Skye

As I mentioned here and here, I have a bit of a fairy obsession that I apparently come by naturally. 🙂 Needless to say, as I was asking the front desk about driving directions to the Fairy Pools, and she was more than happy to give us a few other recommendations- including Fairy Glen. She saw me coming a mile away, and I was definitely sold! After convincing the hubby that it must be done, especially as it was a quick drive from where we were staying, we decided to save it for our last day in Dunvegan. I’m not quite sure I could put words to the ethereal beauty, so I won’t even try. Instead I will let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0882 IMG_0883 IMG_0887 IMG_0897 IMG_0905 IMG_0916 IMG_1267 IMG_1270 IMG_1272 IMG_1273 IMG_1274 IMG_1279 IMG_1285 IMG_1290 IMG_1299 IMG_1295 IMG_1294 IMG_1291 IMG_1300

The day was perfect. We had the area mostly to ourselves until just before we decided to head out. It was a great little escape, something totally unique to Scotland, and a jaunt I would definitely recommend.

Have you ever been to the Fairy Glen? Is it on your bucket list? What’s something a little off the beaten path you have enjoyed while traveling?


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