Wanderlust Fulfilled: Eileen Donan Castle

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Eileen Donan Castle

Happy Friday all!

We decided to make one last stop on our drive from Isle of Skye back to Edinburgh to catch our flight to Germany. Eileen Donan was a perfect choice! The castle is on an island where three lochs meet just a little south of Kyle of Lochalsh. It’s a pretty iconic castle appearing in several films including Highlander and 007- The World is Not Enough. It was a little grey that morning, but that was pretty par for the course on our trip to Scotland. Unfortunately the coolest part of our stop was not caught on film. Just after we parked, there was a loud rumbling as we made our way toward the castle to take pictures of the castle and bridge. All of a sudden a huge jet flew through the valley about 100 feet above the lochs, turned around at the end and flew back the way it came. ┬áIt was so close! I have seen a fair number of Blue Angels shows in Seattle, but I’ve never been that close to a jet while it was in the air. It made one more appearance while we were in the courtyard touring the castle, but I of course had just put my camera away. Nonetheless, Eileen Donan was still one of our favorite stops in Scotland (even without the air show).

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IMG_0951 IMG_1309 IMG_0954 IMG_1307 IMG_0955 IMG_1315 IMG_0953


For more information on the history and visiting Eileen Donan click here!

Have you even visited Eileen Donan? What are some of your favorite places with crazy travel stories?


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