Wanderlust Fulfilled: Edinburgh

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Edinburgh

Happy Friday All!

How did it get to be Friday again already? I’m not quite sure, but it’s here now. This is the first in my Wanderlust Fulfilled series, where I’ll be posting about our travels past and present.This is the first of (probably) 4 posts about our trip to Scotland in September 2013.

We had just made the move to Germany, dropped off our luggage and Meeko before heading out for a vacation before Neal started work. We started our trip in Edinburgh, exploring the Royal Mile, downtown and the walking/biking trails leading down to the ocean. We were a little overwhelmed from our move abroad, so we didn’t have a whole lot (read: any) formal plans for this trip. We spent our days wandering wherever we had decided to go the night before. Luckily in this case it worked out.

This was our first day:

Castle and Downtown

These are some of our wanderings from the next day:


These are from our trail walks on our last day in the city:

Trail Walk Collage

We also took an awesome tour while we were in Edinburgh called the Cadies and Witchery Tour. This is definitely a WALKING tour on cobblestones through the wynds and closes of old Edinburgh (some of which can be pretty steep), so be prepared with good walking shoes and a warm jacket as these tours are done at night.

The tour is led by Adam Lyal (deceased), and you get a few visits from some of his ghostly friends along the way. This is part of the description from their website:

In my years of living and … not living in Edinburgh, I believe I’ve unearthed more of its gruesome secrets than any other local historian, politician or rubbish collector. Learning about the hangings, torturings, witch-burnings, grave-robbings and, er, plague-ings of these past few centuries will make you see this high-flying City in its true colours. I think I can confidently say you won’t get an offer like that every day…

This tour is definitely more satire than spook, but there will be occasional things that go boo in the night. Most of the tour guides are history majors, so they all know their stuff. The tour guides do make their own scripts though, so individual tours may vary a little. We were so glad we booked this tour, it was definitely a highlight of our trip. I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling through Edinburgh!

What do you think? Is Edinburgh on your travel wish list?

“Not all who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien



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