Wanderlust Fulfilled: Crathes and Drum Castles -Balmedie

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Crathes and Drum Castles -Balmedie

I had originally intended for this to be one post about our next stop in the Aberdeen/Balmedie area. However once I saw how many photos I had picked out I decided to break it into a few posts by castle. This is a great area for viewing castles. There are several in the Aberdeen area, and they are close enough that you can view several in one day.

At this point in our trip (after we were dropped off in the middle of nowhere at our newest hotel), we realized that public transportation just wasn’t going to be practical for what we had in mind for the second half of our trip. So after a trip into Aberdeen to desperately track down a small rental with an automatic transmission (we found at the 5th rental counter we tried), we were off.

Crathes and Drum were at the top of our list. They were close to each other and close(ish) to our hotel.

Drum Castle was our first stop. It’s pretty on the outside (according to pictures), but the outside was covered in scaffolding for restorations when we were there. :-/ The inside was pretty cool, and we got some great advice from the guides. “Oh, you’re going (there). They’re only (something only a couple hundred years old). After a while you won’t even get out of the car for less than 400 years.” The gardens were gorgeous though!



After Drum, we headed to Crathes Castle, which is only about 15 minutes down the road. Again, the insides were cool, but it was really the gardens that struck us!

Crathes 1

Crathes 2


The gardens at Crathes were so different from the ones at Drum. The Drum gardens are so precise and manicured, where the gardens at Crathes were a little more wild and and rolling (although it was obvious that they were well maintained and intended to look so). It was great to be able to see both.

Have you visited either of these castles? Are they on your bucket list?


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