Wanderlust Fulfilled: Craigievar & Kildrummy Castles and the Gardens at Leith Hall

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Craigievar & Kildrummy Castles and the Gardens at Leith Hall

Happy Friday!

How has another week already flown by? Today I have the last of our castles from the Aberdeen/Balmedie area. At the first castle we stopped at (Drum) from my post last Friday, they talked us into signing me up for the National Trust of Scotland membership as it would be cheaper for my age range after a couple castles than paying the entrance fees everywhere. All of this is to say that I started looking specifically for castles covered by this membership, which is how we found Craigievar Castle.



I didn’t really get many pictures of this one for some reason. The inside was very cool though, and the guide was super knowledgeable.

After we finished touring Craigievar, I really wanted to see a stone circle. There was one on our map, and I was determined to find it. Unfortunately navigating the Scottish countryside is not always easy, as there is frequently is a lack of signs. So after driving all over the countryside out side of Balmedie (read: getting lost), we just happened to end up on the same road as one last castle we would be driving by and could squeeze in. This one was not part of the NTS, but it was on the way, and therefore reduced our risk of getting lost again. 😉

Kildrummy 1 Kildrummy 2 Kildrummy 3


About halfway up the path, we knew this place had definitely been worth a stop. The afternoon we stopped had great weather, and honestly, it was a little refreshing to wander the ruins of a castle after our other castle tours. Castles can be pretty awesome, but after a few they tend to start looking a like and running together. These ruins had a few signs to explain where things had been, but other than that, there were no guides and we had the ruins mostly to ourselves. This is a stop I would definitely recommend.

Our last stop was to Leith Hall. We knew that Leith Hall was undergoing renovations, and wasn’t going to be open, but the gardens were, so we decided to given them a wander.


Leith Hall


The gardens at Leith Hall were definitely worth the stop! The plant with the ridiculously huge leaves was a shocker, and we took several pictures next to it, trying to accurately portray their size. They also had several of these cool metal art pieces spelling out words and phrases. A great last stop for our trip through the country side.

Have you ever had a random stop totally make your trip?


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