Exploring Schloß Mespelbrunn

Exploring Schloß Mespelbrunn

With our current influx of summer visitors, we have been exploring many places both old and new. Schloß Mespelbrunn was a new castle to add to our ever expanding repertoire of European castles.

The castle is about 40 minutes south of the main Frankfurt airport, making it a good stop for those traveling through the Frankfurt area. You enter through a cute country village following the signs down side roads to the schloß. At the end of one such road is a large parking area at the  trailhead to take you on an easy stroll to the castle.

Though not a large castle, Mespelbrunn is a fun stop because it offers the rarity of a moat filled with water, as well as having stood through all the wars, weather and time without ever being destroyed.

No pictures were allowed in most of the inside areas, but it is just as quaint as the outside suggests, and I would definitely recommend the trip.


What is your favorite thing to explore?


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