Exploring Regensberg: Walhalla

Exploring Regensberg: Walhalla

A few weekends ago the hubby and I decided to day trip somewhere new. We checked our handy-dandy Pinterest board and Google maps to see what looked doable for a single day out. Regensberg topped the list. It was not for any photos inside the city-though it is a cute town to explore-but for the monument in a little dorf (village) outside Regensberg called Walhalla (pronounced Valhalla).

There are two ways to access Walhalla- you can choose to climb several flights of stairs from the base of the hill, or you can do as we did, and park in the car park for a much shorter hike. The building itself is gorgeous and lends itself well to photos. It is set high on a hill overlooking a river (and all those stairs).

If you are interested in statuary (or looking to cool off if it’s warm out) then you should venture inside as well. There are an array of busts featuring famous Germans on display as well as some examples of more commonly portrayed themes throughout Germany and Europe- angels.

All in all it was a cool experience and definitely worth the day trip.

What is your favorite day trip?



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