Bullet Journaling

So a few weeks (fine a few months… oops!) back I read a post where Jade from Earth to Jade was talking about wanting to get back into journaling, and had decided to give Bullet Journaling a try. After a little digging, I found the post again, as well as the post she had directed to. Anyways (after letting several weeks go by…) I did a little more research on the site itself, and decided to give it a go starting June 1st.

Bullet Journaling

I’ve been feeling a little stretched lately with too many apps and too many journals trying to keep track of everything. The great thing about the Bullet Journal system is it’s flexible- you can make it whatever you want/need it to be. The other great thing about it is- it’s designed to be fast. I’ve always struggled with free journaling, because I just run out of time in the day to devote to writing longer entries about what’s going on. Bullet journaling is a day planner, post it notes, reminders, lists, and doodling all in one place. One of my other favorites about this system- you pick your own journal! Any blank journal will do. Any size, any shape, lined, unlined, grid- whatever you want it to be. I’m hoping to use this as a calendar for tracking my writing and blogging, as well as daily plans/goals, and ideas. It will let me keep my blogging and writing journals for just fleshing out posts and scenes, and give me somewhere to track everything else all in one place.

Bullet Journaling 2

Of course one of the best things you can do to keep this system going is to carry your journal with you. It lets you make quick notes throughout the day as things come up instead of having to remember to write them down later- because we all know I, at least, will probably forget. And who doesn’t love being able to check things off? I totally admit to writing things I’ve already done on my list, just so I can have the satisfaction of then marking it done. 🙂

Bullet Journal 3

And of course journaling is always more fun with a partner!

Bullet Journaling 4

So have you ever tried bullet journaling? What do you do to keep yourself organized?



  1. Sorry it took me so long to come over and visit your post, but just wanted to say thanks for linking to me and that you look like you’re doing a fab job with the bullet journal, unlike myself! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • No problem! I just wanted to let you know you were linked somewhere. 🙂 I’ve fallen off the journaling a bit this week while we’re on vacation, but I’ve been feeling so stressed trying to keep track of everything that I think I’m going to sit down with my journal tonight and regroup. 🙂


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